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Summer Institute 2008

O Summer Institute 2008 é um evento único organizado pelo programa UT Austin|Portugal que engloba workshops e palestras sobre diferentes áreas do Programa de Média Digital como Cinema (ficção e documentário), Design,Música e Jornalismo.

Inscrições aqui.

The Summer Institute 2008 is a unique event organized by the UT Austin|Portugal Program comprising workshops and talks that cover several areas of the Digital Media Program such as Cinema (fiction and documentary), Design, Music and Journalism.
Full program here.

Workshop Descriptions:

Collaborative Scriptwriting Workshop

A practical introduction to the “collaborative method” in scriptwriting. Over the course of the two weeks, the class will treat its members as a writing staff and, collectively, they will outline and work on writing the first act of multiple projects. Students will brainstorm the ideas together, and writers will be assigned particular scenes or acts to write.

Digital Documentary Workshop

In this short course students propose, produce and edit short videos documenting the City of Lisbon. The unifying theme for these short documentaries will be “hidden Lisbon.” In the process of the workshop participants will explore how film language, namely visuals, audio and editing, can be employed to achieve a desired affect.

Digital Hollywood Workshop

The “Digital Hollywood” workshop will present a macro-industrial perspective on the incorporation, innovation, and diffusion of digital technologies into the filmed entertainment industries’ production, distribution, and exhibition businesses. This workshop will assess the significance of digital technologies in terms of shifting business practices, revenue streams, digital aesthetics, and the increasing relevance of online markets.

Online Journalism Workshop

Through practical assignments, analysis of successful cases and specialized literature, this workshop will examine the transformations journalism currently faces in order to meet the Digital Revolution, particularly in what concerns the search for a multimedia language.

Creating Music and Audio for Film, Video and Games Workshop

This course will explore current technologies and techniques for the creation of music, audio and sound effects for film, video and games. It will be based primarily on the widely used Apple Logic Studio 8. Students will need to be comfortable with the Mac OS-X platform. However, no prior knowledge of Logic is required. The course will cover basic musical forms, looping and mixing, soft instrument plugins, synchronizing musical materials to video, acquiring and modifying audio effects files, advanced sound treatment using Logic plugins, game audio design, track layering, and surround mixing. Students will complete five short assignments and one longer project using video clips provided for the class or materials that the students may have.

The production facilities will include a suite of Intel iMac computers with Garage Band 4 and Logic Studio 8. Students will need to bring their own stereo headphones (1/8” stereo) for these workstations. The final project will be mixed on the teaching station using 5.1 surround audio.

Photorealistic 3D Graphics Rendering & Simulation Workshop

Photorealistic rendering assists problem solving in scientific, economic, instructional, entertainment, and artistic disciplines. This course surveys the uses of photorealistic 3D computer graphics which range from advertising campaigns to the modeling molecular structures, and delves into the process for creating such imagery. Students are introduced to 3DStudioMax and Mental Ray applications, but will be taught so that they can approach any type of 3D application.

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Que tipo de editores são? | What kind of editor are you?

Andy Dickinson fez um questionário bem humorado para descobrir em que fase estão os editores: papel ou ecrã? Respondam e vejam os vossos resultados.

Andy Dickinson created a funny questionaire to find out in which phase are the editors: print or screen? Answer and get your results.

How webby are you?
When you talk to other editors and the talk turns to the web do you wonder what it is they are talking about or do they look at you like your talking a foreign language?

Take this handy quiz to find out just how webby you are:

Does your publication have a website?

  1. A web what?
  2. Yes, we have just got one
  3. Yep, we’ve had one for a while – it’s very nice

Have you ever posted a story to the web before it made the paper or on air?

  1. Absolutely not. What would be the point of the newspaper
  2. Yes, but only the ones that aren’t an exclusive.
  3. Yes, we try and get stories on the web when they break but we go for depth in the paper

Has your website published a mobile phone picture from a reader?

  1. No one uses mobiles for pictures. I get my son to show me.
  2. We let users send in pictures of their nights-out and pets but that’s it
  3. We often put out calls for pictures when there is a big local event

Do more than 1% of your newsroom staff blog?

  1. Wash your mouth out. I run a clean newsroom
  2. They may do but I’m not sure
  3. We have one or two well known faces from the paper who blog as part of the website but know others have their own personal blogs as well

Has your newsroom ever posted a video to Youtube?

  1. I’m warning you! I’m a married man. Just the thought of it.
  2. We tried it once when the paper down the road did it?
  3. We try and get as much video on as we can.

Has your website published a slideshow?

  1. I once went to a slideshow about my brothers holiday…very dull…
  2. Yes, but it was a static one that you had to click through.
  3. Yep, we started with static ones but we just got soundslides for the photographers to play with.

Can readers comment on your stories?

  1. Yes, they can send letters for my secretary to read
  2. We have a forum that runs on the site
  3. We have just got a new system that lets people comment on each story

Do you allow people to share your stories on social networks?

  1. Well, obviously, we would like them to buy a paper each. But if they leave one at their friends house at least it still gets counted in the circulation figures.
  2. We have an email to a friend on the old system. But our new site has links to digg and facebook.
  3. Yep. We are currently working on a facebook app.

Resultados aqui | Results here

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MayDay Lisboa 2008

O Ferve voltou a enviar um mail a apelar à mobilização para dia 1 de Maio em Lisboa contra a precariedade. Inscrevam-se e participem.

Precári@s nos querem, REBELDES nos terão!!

:: Vamos à parada alternativa MAYDAY::

:: 1º MAIO, 13h, Largo Camões ::

O MayDay é uma parada de precári@s, que vem marcando o 1º de Maio em várias cidades por esse mundo fora, desde da estreia em 2001, em Milão. No ano passado, a iniciativa MayDay chegou a Lisboa, juntando algumas centenas de pessoas contra a precariedade no trabalho e na vida. Este ano, o MayDay Lisboa já começou: uma organização aberta a tod@s, que vai fazendo assembleias, acções públicas, festas, etc. Na parada MayDay cabemos tod@s: mais nov@s e mais velh@s, operadores de call-center, “caixas” de supermercado, cientistas a bolsa, intermitentes, desempregad@s, estagiári@s, contratad@s a prazo, a recibos verdes, estudantes que vivem ou pressentem a precariedade…

A 1 de Maio juntamo-nos contra a exploração, contra o emagrecimento dos apoios sociais e à habitação, desafiando o cinzentismo e continuando o percurso de mobilização e visibilidade. Contamos contigo?

No dia 1 de Maio vamos para a rua. Porque esta não foi apenas feita para albergar sedes de empresas, escritórios, restaurantes de comida rápida e outros locais onde decorre todo um estado de excepção laboral, onde a exploração, o abuso, a instabilidade e a ilegalidade se tornaram lei.

No dia 1 de Maio queremos transformar a rua num espaço em que desfila a alegria da recusa de uma vida aos bocados.

Do Porto, partirá uma camioneta a custo reduzido (€11 – ida e volta), para levar tod@s @s que queiram juntar a sua à nossa voz.

Inscrições em

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