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The Gimp on Ubuntu Linux

Brian Boyer é um programador-jornalista financiado pela bolsa da Knight News Challenge. O Brian escreveu no seu blog um post dedicado a ferramentas open source para se usar na redacção.A ler. Já agora visitem o post que eu fiz sobre o mesmo assunto há uns tempos atrás.

Brian Boyer is a programmer-journalist financed by the Knight News Challenge scholarship. Brian wrote a post on his blog about open source tools to use in the newsroom. Read it, and since were at it, take a look to another post i wrote sometime ago about the same subject.

Free, as in free speech

I use free and open source software, almost exclusively, when I practice journalism.

Free and open source software is counter-intuitive to many, but the mantra of the free software movement uses terms that journalists should understand very well.

Free software is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of free as in free speech, not as in free beer.

It’s a philosophy. It’s about transparency, openness and honesty. You are encouraged to know the inner workings of your tools, and make them better when you find them lacking. There are no secrets, no magic, and no mysterious blue screens of death.

A Redacção OpenSource | The OpenSource Newsroom

Free, as in free speech

via A Coder Practices Multimedia Journalism — with Open Source Tools

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2 Respostas to “Open Source: Ferramentas para a redacção | Newsroom Tools”

  1. 1 Brian Boyer
    28 de Abril de 2008 às 1:29 am

    Hey, Alexandre! Thanks for the link!

    Have you had much luck using Scribus? I tried it out a few months ago, but was a little disappointed. Do you know anybody who’s using it for news? I’d love to hear about it.


  2. 28 de Abril de 2008 às 9:21 am

    Well, to tell you the truth, i’ve only used Scribus for simple stuff, and it has it’s quirks indeed. Frankly i don’t know of anyone who uses it professionally, because they seem to prefer older versions of PageMaker and sort to do all the work. But it’s a shame the Scribus project hasn’t developed further…

    No need to thank, just keep posting about what is going on :).

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