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Netizen Kane – “Journalism then and now”

Um post delicioso sobre o presente do jornalismo tendo em conta citações do Citizen Kane.

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A delicious post about the present of journalism regarding some quotes from Citizen Kane .

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I don’t know how to run a newspaper Mr. Thatcher, I just try everything I can think of.”

As much as we try to pinpoint what will keep newspapers and other media outlets afloat, nobody really has come up with the one idea what will be the saving grace. All we know is that computers are involved somehow. But if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you’ll know that multimedia isn’t just slideshows and embedded videos. There is such a range of types of journalism to choose from that we must try everything and see what sticks.

Journalism then and now

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Videocast Pixel #0 : PortugalDiário Makeover

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Esta é a minha primeira tentativa de podcasting em video. É um episódio zero, sem grandes aventuras, que me ocupou a tarde de ontem. Aliás, passei mais tempo na pós-produção (compressão e escolha de alojamento) do que a fazer o programa. Tenho alguns erros por aí, mas não estou muito preocupado, faz parte.

O assunto é a renovação gráfica (e estrutural) do Portugal Diário. Se tiverem sugestões e opiniões sobre este episódio estão à vontade. Aconselho a ver uma versão num leitor maior aqui, na página da

This is my first attempt into video podcasting. It’s a pilot, without many fireworks, that took my whole yesterday’s afternoon. In fact, i spent more time in post-production (compression and hosting choice) than actually doing the show. There are some mistakes in there, but i’m not worried, it’s part of it.

The topic is the graphic (and structural) renewal of Portugal Diário, an exclusively online newspaper. If you have any thoughts about this episode, please do share. It’s in portuguese though…I advise you to see the show in a wider screening version at the episode’s page on

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Pixel#0- Portugal Diário wide screen

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