Onde encontrar… | Where to find…


Dois posts em dois sites diferentes para explorar:

o ReadWriteWeb dá uma série de links para fontes de informação na web;

-e Robin Good criou uma lista para 66 (!!!) sites onde podemos ir buscar imagens de borla para o nosso blog;

Levem uma pá e uma lanterna.

Two posts in two different blogs to explore:

– ReadWriteWeb gives us a bunch of links to some open data sources;

-and Robin Good created a list of 66 (!!!) sites where we can find free photos for our blog;

A word of advice: take a shovel and a lantern.

In Bret’s story, he mentioned some of the common data sources currently available, like the US Census Bureau’s map data and the Reuters corpus, but his commenters came up with a few more. (See? This is why blog comments matter).

In addition, as CNet and Ryan Stewart’s blog spread the story, more people chimed in with suggestions. And of course, the Hacker News guys had some more ideas themselves.

So what did everyone come up with? A lot of data sources are already freely available on the net, as it turns out, if you just know where to look. Here’s a summary, do you have anything to add?

Where to Find Open Data on the Web


Finding quality images and photos for complementing an important article, essay or news report is already a challenge for many. Imagine when the goal is not only to find good images, but also to find some that you could openly and freely use without needing to pay royalties or one-time publishing rights.

Where to Find Free Images and Visuals for My Blog – Mini-Guide, Part 1, Robin Good

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