JEECamp Digest

Rick Waghorn, MyFootballWriter @ JEECamp

O que se diz do JEECamp? Depois de uma curta análise por aqui, falámos com Paul Bradshaw,que nos deu as suas impressões sobre o evento que organizou, e recolhemos algumas das ideias expostas em alguns blogs de quem participou.

What is the word on JEECamp? After a short analysis from our side, we’ve talked with Paul Bradshaw, who gave his impressions on how it went, and we gathered a few ideas, taken from the blogs of some parcipants.


Entrevista com Paul Bradshaw | Paul Bradshaw interview

Did JEECamp lived up to your expectations?

Mostly, yes. People seemed to find it very useful, contacts were made, and a lot of exchange of ideas and experience. I was disappointed we didn’t get a broader representation from mainstream media, but on the flip side surprised at how many entrepreneurs we got. I hear there’s nothing like this in America either so I’m pleased we’re providing an alternative platform for this cottage industry. I wish I’d had a chance to enjoy it more myself but spent a lot of time making sure it and coverage was running smoothly.

What is the main conclusion you get out of it?

That there is a need for JEEcamp. There are similar events aimed at the corporate MSM but nothing for indie journo startups. That there is a cottage industry we don’t often hear about, and that that industry has the potential to creep up on the larger news organizations. That even the most cutting edge people at mainstream news orgs are behind the people launching startups.

There were no easy answers, and there were raised new tough questions too. How much an event like this was needed to put in touch all of these different people and their ideas?

Enormously. For the reasons mentioned above.

Will the questions in next JEECamp be the same, or the challenges will be different? Are things moving that fast?

I think it will be very different. Things are moving very fast indeed – if we’d done this last year the questions would have been around video and blogging. This year Twitter and mobile obviously dominated. Next year – who knows? I’m considering making it about enterprise and experimentation so that a broader audience attends.

When can we expect another JEECamp?

I’m hoping to do one in January 2009, but I’d also like to see if anyone wants to do a US JEEcamp or Europe JEEcamp before then.


JEECamp Digest

JEECamp was a bit of a mixed bag, to be honest, but that’s not a criticism and even the disapointing stuff was illuminating in its own way. If I took away one thing it was this. If, when it comes to awareness of how online stuff is going to affect their industry, there are two sorts of journalists, those who get it and those who, for whatever reason, are unable to get it, then the distance between these two is so great that the definition of “journalist” is pretty meaningless.”

Hubdub is a game,Pete Ashton’s Blog


“Pour se lancer, les journalistes doivent regarder leur carnet d’adresse comme une liste d’annonceurs potentiels. Eux seuls ont les moyens d’amener et de faire fructifier ces micro-budgets sur le web.

JEEcamp: La monétisation est un sport de combat, Nicolas Kayser-Bril


“The very last point from JEEcamp was also VERY relevant:

“Now is the best time to be a journalist. The demand is for journalists who WANT to tell a story. All of the contacts, features, etc, are in place to become a great journalist. This is THE time to be a journalist. It doesnt get much better than this.”

Reflections on JEEcamp , Azeem Ahmad

“Entering the afternoon session at JEECamp, delegates have been invited to pitch their ‘journalism enterprise’ ideas to the floor.

Kyle McRae, who left photo agency Scoopt, which he founded, only a week ago, raised the idea of Qotz (working title), a community site, where online articles and content will be submitted and filtered on the basis of ‘pull quotes’.”


JEEcamp: pitch from Kyle McRae, ex-Scoopt , Laura Oliver Journalism.co.uk


“Relying on one revenue stream isn’t enough: 400,000 pages impressions over three months to MFW generated a paltry $180. Google is not the piece of advertising kit needed by local sites, Waghorn said.”

JEEcamp: online revenue models – the Waghorn way, Laura Oliver Journalism.co.uk


“And something really stuck out. The idea of a reporter as a brand, and of creating a community around oneself as a reporter. This isn’t original thinking by any means, I’m sure, but certainly struck home with me. Particularly with the idea of the news gathering process being transparent to improve readers’ access to; and views of; the journalists they read. “

Response from JEECamp (1),Tom Scotney


“Online journalism is all about making links, but the online editors at Jeecamp say their journalists find it difficult to visit other sites, make comments or connect with other communities. Everyone has a Facebook page now but journalists are curiously reluctant to socially network with their news. This might be because journalists still think in terms of individual blogs rather than online networks.”

Jeecamp: making money out of online journalism , Jeecamp part 2: making money out of online journalism: community , charliebeckett.org


” The event saw a number of leading journalists, bloggers, commentators and innovators in attendance, discussing the challenges facing today’s new media publishers, particularly in light of digital media replacing the role of conventional print publications.”

JEEcamp, looking back., SoGlos.com News


“The day ended with a panel discussion of some of the emerging issues. As I looked out at the people gathered it occurred to me that in ten years time one half would probably have bought out the other half.

The question is, which half will be which?”

JEEcamp – when the cottage news industry met mainstream media, Paul Bradshaw


Cá esperamos pelo seguinte | Here we wait for the next one

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