Jornais à medida | Newspapers made to measure

Preencham os espaços | Fill in the blanks

Shawn Smith aconselha os jornais locais a fragmentarem-se e a investirem em secções especializadas que vão de encontro aos interesses dos leitores.

Ao mesmo tempo, o Editors Weblog fala da possibilidade de se fazer edições impressas à medida de cada leitor. E deu como referência um caso português.

Shawn Smith advises local newspapers to break up their content and invest in specialized features that meet their readers interests.

At the same time, the Editor’s Weblog talks about the possibility to print newspapers on demand. And used as a reference a portuguese case.

My proposal: Break up newspapers into their related sections. Make the traditional paper into a strictly local front section, largely cutting down on wire copy, and then put out multiple niche publications for the different sections. New print publications can become aggregators of the best content on the wire and web. These niche publications can cover specific issues more in-depth and in interesting ways.

Break up the newspapers – go niche!, Shawn Smith

One print paper for each reader nears reality , Editor’s Weblog

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6 Responses to “Jornais à medida | Newspapers made to measure”

  1. 10 de Março de 2008 às 5:50 pm

    Thanks for the mention! I like your graphic up there. With more niche publications popping up, it might not be that newspapers drop their standard format and replace it with a bunch of smaller papers, but I do think papers will at least start making more niche publications to serve those markets at least periodically.

  2. 10 de Março de 2008 às 6:16 pm

    Thank you, Shawn. The mention i made to “print on demand” was to emphasize the idea that users now can decide what they want to read in their newspapers, instead of wire copy. It won’t happen with print, i guess, but that is already happening, with the costumization of some newspaper websites “frontpages”.
    The question i have is the following: won’t more specialized content need more specialists? Local papers are usually short staffed, and this would require more manpower. Is this viable with the current business/employment models?

    The picture is great isn’t it? Thank you for your commment and keep up the good work.Your blog is a great reference.

  3. 10 de Março de 2008 às 8:11 pm

    The manpower is a definite concern. But that’s why I think it’s possible. For example, look at techcrunch. That blog started with a single reporter (Michael Arrington) – apologies If I’m wrong on this. It has grown to a network of several reporters. Could the same happen to print publications? Advertisers could focus on specific publications to better channel their advertising, giving more money to niche publications – possible. That does, however, create the problem that unpopular niches wouldn’t be able to support themselves. The question then is, if there isn’t enough interest in a niche, is it worth the publication costs, or can it go strictly online? Tons of things to think about, which I don’t necessarily have the answers to. Nice question though. Thanks for the kudos. VERY thankful for English translation!

  4. 10 de Março de 2008 às 8:31 pm

    The point here is to raise questions, the answers will appear by themselves. I believe managers need to think “outside the box”, and use more resources than the ones available at the newsroom – on a print-to-online direction. I believe it’s possible to invest in niches as a part of the re-invention of local newspapers, but it takes courage to do that. It’s a time for the brave i guess.
    The translation is only a teaser to your post, i have to write both in portuguese and english, portuguese because i’m from Portugal and i have a lot of brazilian readers, and english is the universal language for the internet. So no thanks needed, it’s all in a days work. Thank you again for your thoughts.

  5. 11 de Julho de 2008 às 8:47 pm

    Eu vi uma notícia relacionada com esse assunto no site http://www.jornaisrevistas.com

  6. 11 de Julho de 2008 às 8:58 pm

    Vou procurar. Obrigado pela dica Mário 😉

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