Perspectivas críticas sobre a Web 2.0 | Critical perspectives on Web 2.0

O António Granado recomendou e eu fui ler. A mais recente edição da First Monday traz uma série de artigos sobre a web 2.0, debruçando-se especialmente sobre as fronteiras entre “produtores e utilizadores, consumo e participação, autoridade e amadorismo, diversão e trabalho, dados e a rede, realidade e virtualidade.” Ou seja, como o que antes pertencia a uns pertence agora a todos, mas de que forma?

O artigo que me está a captar mais a atenção é o de Søren Mørk Petersen, “Loser Generated Content: From Participation to Exploitation”.

Para quem estuda e para quem se interessa.

António Granado recommended it, and i read it. The most recent edition of First Monday has a series of articles about web 2.0, that observes especially the borders between “users and producers, consumption and participation, authority and amateurism, play and work, data and the network, reality and virtuality.” Which is, what once belonged to a few, now belongs to everybody, but in which way?

The article that has really caught my eye is one by Søren Mørk Petersen, “Loser Generated Content: From Participation to Exploitation”.

For those who study and care about this.

The rhetoric surrounding Web 2.0 infrastructures presents certain cultural claims about media, identity, and technology. It suggests that everyone can and should use new Internet technologies to organize and share information, to interact within communities, and to express oneself. It promises to empower creativity, to democratize media production, and to celebrate the individual while also relishing the power of collaboration and social networks.


Preface: Critical Perspectives on Web 2.0

Zimmer, Michael. “Preface: Critical Perspectives on Web 2.0” First Monday [Online], Volume 13 Number 3


In this article, some of the critical aspects of Web 2.0 are mapped in relation to labor and the production of user generated content. For many years the Internet was considered an apt technology for subversion of capitalism by the Italian post–Marxists. What we have witnessed, however, is that the Internet functions as a double–edged sword; the infrastructure does foster democracy, participation, joy, creativity and sometimes creates zones of piracy. But, at the same time, it has become evident how this same infrastructure also enables companies easily to piggyback on user generated content. Different historical and contemporary examples are provided to map how the architecture of participation sometimes turns into an architecture of exploitation.

Loser Generated Content: From Participation to Exploitation

Petersen, Søren. “Loser Generated Content: From Participation to Exploitation” First Monday [Online], Volume 13 Number 3 (2 March 2008)

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