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Ryan Sholin, juntamente com Howard Owens e Zac Echola, criou uma comunidade para que os jornalistas (que ainda não o fizeram) se “digitalizem”.

O serve como ponto de encontro de experiências e recursos para todos os que querem entrar – ou acompanhar – o comboio do jornalismo 2.0.

Ryan Sholin, along with Howard Owens and Zac Echola, created an online community for journalists (those who haven’t already) who want to go digital. is a meeting point of experiences and resources to all of those who wanr to catch – or stay on – the train of Journalism 2.0.

 Leiam | Read :  Introducing

From the Mission Statement:

“Our goal is to help journalists who have few resources on hand other than their own desire to make a difference and help journalism grow into its new 21st Century role.

You don’t need the best equipment, the biggest budget or even management support to accomplish worthy goals. The only requirement is a willingness to learn and a mind open to new ways of thinking about journalism.

We are here to help each other learn basic skills and learn how new technology and new societal expectations for media are changing journalism.

At we are all teachers and we are all students. We help each other and learn together. Those who know more should help those who know less. Those with questions should never be afraid to ask them.”


Competências técnicas para jornalistas online|Technical skills for online journalists


Eric Ulken criou uma tag cloud que corresponde às competências técnicas mais requeridas no mercado de trabalho actual para jornalistas.

Eric Ulken created a tag cloud with the technical skills required by journalists employers, in the actual job market.

Visto aqui | From here : Image of the day: technical skills required by journalism jobs


La Vanguardia cria Conselho de Utilizadores | La Vanguardia creates User’s Council

O jornal espanhol La Vanguardia criou um Conselho Editorial de Utilizadores para a sua edição digital. O objectivo é aproximar os leitores, pedindo-lhes a sua opinião e melhorar a qualidade do jornal. O primeiro painel será constituído por dez leitores, de diferentes origens, que estarão em contacto permanente com a redacção, funcionando como críticos à edição online do La Vanguardia.


The spanish newspaper La Vanguardia created a Users Editorial Board for it’s digital edition. The goal is to diminish the gap between the readers and the newspaper, asking for their opinion and improve the edition’s quality. The first board will be composed by ten readers from different origins, that will be in permanent contact with the newsroom, working as critics to the La Vanguardia online.

Visto aqui | From here : Los usuarios aconsejan a LV digital

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