Twitterview: Nico Luchsinger – Paul Bradshaw

TWITTERVIEW n, 1 Interview via Twitter;

Thanks Nico.

O Twitter é uma daquelas funcionalidades que muita gente não percebe para que serve, e que provavelmente é usado normalmente de uma forma que escapa ao conceito original dos seus criadores, e cujo potencial ainda não foi devidamente explorado. Para mim, o Twitter é o serviço de alertas noticiosos mais barato e ignorado da web, pois pode enviar conteúdo quer via net ou SMS.
Nico Luchsinger entrevistou Paul Bradshaw via Twitter sobre as possibilidades deste serviço. Para terem uma ideia, é como se tivessem feito a entrevista via SMS. No entanto o resultado é bastante interessante. Abaixo fica a transcrição desta entrevista sui generis.
Já agora, deixo duas sugestões para utilizadores intensivos do Twitter: o Snitter é uma aplicação que se assemelha a um IM, e que permite estar em cima dos tweets que subscrevemos. O TwitterFeed é outra aplicação muito interessante para bloggers ou criadores de conteúdos , que permite o envio para o Twitter de notificações de cada vez que há um novo post. Assim somos nós a ir ao encontro dos nosso leitores, e não o contrário.
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Twitter is one of those applications that many people don’t understand what’s the use for it, and that, most problably, is used in a rather different way than its creators had conceived originally, and whose potential hasn’t been quite fulfilled. For me, Twitter is the most overlooked inexpensive breaking news service on the web, because content can be sent via internet or text messaging for mobiles.

Nico Luchsinger interviewed Paul Bradshaw via Twitter about this applications possibilities. So that you can have an idea, it’s like they did the interview through text messages. However, the come out is pretty interesting. Below, the transcript of this interview.

Since we’re at it, i’ll leave two suggestions for intensive Twitter users: Snitter is an application that resembles an IM and that allows us to be on top of our subscribed tweets. TwitterFeed is another service, very useful for bloggers or content generators, that sends to Twitter the first line of each new post. This way, we move towards the readers, and not the other way around.
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Transcrição tirada daqui | Transcript taken from here

halbluchs: will do an interview about Twitter with @paulbradshaw via Twitter. If anybody has additional questions, throw them in!

halbluchs: @paulbradshaw here we go, question 1: if you had to define Twitter in one sentence – what would you say?

paulbradshaw: @halbluchs defining Twitter: a service that allows you to issue and receive updates, bullet points and summaries via web, mobile & RSS

paulbradshaw: Anyone else got a better one-line definition of Twitter?

paulbradshaw: @halbluchs correction: “to receive and issue updates to and from multiple recipients” + at end: …but so, so much more

halbluchs: @paulbradshaw what makes twitter so popular and addictive? is it just a hype or is it more?

paulbradshaw: @halbluchs the same things that have made texting so popular: brevity, connectivity, control.

paulbradshaw: @halbluchs …and the same appeals of social networking: brevity, connectivity, control.

paulbradshaw: @halbluchs add to that the appeals of blogs – vanity, flexibility, and ease of distribution – and you have a winner.

paulbradshaw: @halbluchs that said, the possible uses of twitter are not immediately obvious. You can tweet so much more than ‘what are you doing righ …

halbluchs: @paulbradshaw speaking of twitter uses: how do you use the service, and how do you benefit from using it?

paulbradshaw: @halbluchs i use twitter to send updates from events i am attending, where ongoing bullet points are more approp8 #twitter

paulbradshaw: @halbluchs or where writing a longer post is not practical, or for pithy one liners which suit it well #twitter

paulbradshaw: @halbluchs as for benefits, there is the obvious mobility plus perhaps a more personal connection with readers, and when you plug in rss …

halbluchs: @paulbradshaw what ‘journalistic’ uses (i.e. by journalists or media) have you seen lately?

paulbradshaw: @halbluchs the California fires were widely twittered; Martin Stabe cutely used it to get 140-char summaries of the year… #twitter

paulbradshaw: @halbluchs Amy Gahran twittered a seminar with some interesting reflections, the New York Times has a specific Maddy McCann twitter #twitter

paulbradshaw: @halbluchs …the Orlando Sentinel twittered a shuttle launch nicely. I’m sure I’m missing other examples… #twitter

paulbradshaw: Calling all twitterers! What’s the best example of Twitter journalism you’ve seen? (either newsgathering or publishing)

halbluchs: @paulbradshaw thx for the call to all twitterers! Pls forward good examples to me, thx

halbluchs: @paulbradshaw one last question: what are ‘journalistic’ uses of Twitter that you would like to see (more)?

paulbradshaw: @halbluchs i’d like to see it used more for newsgathering, and more niche twitters for particular stories, issues, and journos #twitter

halbluchs: @paulbradshaw is there an unused potential of Twitter for journalists and media companies?

paulbradshaw: @halbluchs there is an unused potential, yes, to build a closer relationship with readers and provide a better service #twitter

paulbradshaw: Am conducting an interview with someone in switzerland, via twitter, via mobile, while shopping in tesco. Welcome to 2008. #twitter

halbluchs: @paulbradshaw thank you very much for all the answers and happy shopping! let me know if you’re interested in an article for OJB.

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