Bullying e o Futuro|Bullying and the future


Dois tipos de bullying que foram longe demais: um social e paternal, no caso da miúda de 15 anos , 1,57m de altura e 35 quilos, internada por ordem do tribunal e contra a vontade dos pais, para ser tratada por anorexia nervosa. Foi no Brasil. Outro, típico dos recreios de escola onde a violência sempre existiu, especialmente contra os mais fracos, mas desta vez em Poiares. Hoje em dia, quem se queixa é considerado um traidor à comunidade que o atacou, ou assistiu passivamente.Normalmente, os culpados saem impunes. Acho que a ideia que se quer transmitir é “Vai-te habituando, que é assim que as coisas funcionam”.

Two types of bullying that went too far: one social and parental, in the case of a 15 year old girl , 1’57 m tall, that weighed 35 kilos, commited to nervous anorexy treatment by a court order, against her parents will. This was in Brazil. The other, a typical playground violence situation, where it always dwelled, specially against the weakest, but this time in Poiares, Portugal. Briefly, a 16 year old kid needed surgery after constant attacks by his colleagues, 8 against 1, for about 3 months.He spent half the school year running and hiding from them. Nowadays, those who complain are considered as traitors to the same community that attacked them, or passively watched.Usually the culprits get away with it. I believe the idea that is conveyed is “Get used to it, that’s how things work out there.”


O director do El País veio a Portugal dar uma opinião inesperada. Será que os donos dos media nacionais vão abrir a pestana?

The El País director came to Portugal to share an unexpected opinion : if he started the newspaper now, it wouldn’t be on paper, at least, at the beggining. I wonder if our national media owners will open their eyes…


1 Response to “Bullying e o Futuro|Bullying and the future”

  1. 1 ruben
    17 de Abril de 2008 às 11:30 am

    im doing my exibithion in st. dominics international school portugal, lisbon and
    im doing it about bullying we are now in our third week and i liked you information thanks!!!! 🙂 :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)::):):):):):):):):):)::):):)

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