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Website de Video Jornalismo | Video Journalism website

American News Project site

Já no outro dia falei no Interactive Narratives, um site dedicado a reportagens e trabalhos multimédia. Mas se esse sofreu uma remodelação, este de que vos vou falar agora tem apenas dois meses e dedica-se a reportagens video online.

O American News Project apresenta trabalhos que para eles tenham importância e repercussão social, ou seja, é do mais interventivo que se pode encontrar nos media americanos. Têm espaços para freelancers e também não descartam o financiamento dos utilizadores para realizar alguns projectos. No mínimo, é um site de referência para video online, no máximo, um exemplo de um formato que pode ter muito sucesso.

Nos meus projectos está fazer algo semelhante em Portugal, a partir de toda a comunidade lusófona, e para todo o Mundo. Se alguém quiser participar, deixem recado.

I’ve already mentioned Interactive Narratives here before, a website dedicated to multimedia works and reporting. But if that recently gone through a makeover, this one i’m talking about has only two months and is directed at online video reporting.

The American News Project presents works that , for them, will have social importance and repercussion, which is, it’s the most engaged attitude you can find in american media. They have room for freelancers and they don’t discard user funding to develop some projects. At it’s minimum, it’s a reference website for online video reporting, at it’s max, it is a good example of a format that might turn out to be quite successful.

In my own projects there is the idea of doing something similar here in Portugal, from all the portuguese speaking community to the rest of the world. If you want to join in , leave a message.

About Us

ANP is passionately dedicated to producing online video journalism that matters.

We’re inspired by what Joseph Pulitzer wrote more than 130 years ago: “Always fight for progress and reform, never tolerate injustice or corruption, always fight demagogues of all parties, never belong to any party, always oppose privileged classes and public plunderers, never lack sympathy with the poor, always remain devoted to the public welfare… always be drastically independent, never be afraid to attack wrong, whether by predatory plutocracy or predatory poverty.”

We launched in late May of 2008 and, since then, have been teaming up with others who are similarly inspired. We partner with them on reporting and offer all of our content free to anyone who wants to provide their audiences with good viewing experiences. As a result of this collaboration, our videos have collectively received hundreds of thousands of views on dozens of websites all over the world.

American News Project

Via  News Videographer

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Narrativas Interactivas | Interactive Narratives

interactive narratives

Este site dedica-se à publicação de reportagens e trabalhos multimédia.É uma excelente referência para se ir vendo o que se faz por aí.  Via Innovation in College Media.

This website dedicates to showing multimedia news stories and works. It’s an execellent reference to follow what is happening out there. Via Innovation in College Media.

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Aprendam e partilhem | Learn and share video kit

Estamos numa época de pioneiros, não é a primeira vez que digo isto. E como em qualquer época destas, as descobertas vão sendo feitas ao longo do caminho que se vai desbravando, para que os outros que se seguirão tenham a cartografia feita, as dificuldades assinaladas, o benefício da experiência alheia. Para isso é preciso que haja gente que seja simultaneamente aluno e professor.

O Novo Jornalismo está a ser definido aos poucos por pessoas que arriscam, tentam e falham, até terem sucesso. O News Videographer tem um post dedicado a alguns destes heróis das redacções, que estão a tentar partilhar os seus conhecimentos que vão adquirindo no dia a dia com os seus colegas ou com quem quiser ouvir. Se conhecerem mais links ou recursos onde qualquer um pode aprender mais sobre jornalismo multimédia, façam o favor de partilhar. Todos nós que queremos saber mais e divulgar o que se sabe agradecemos.

This is a time for pioneers, it’s not the first time i say this. And as in any time like this, discoveries are being made along the trail, so that others that follow have the cartography made, hardships signalized, and the benefit of someone else’s experience. For that to happen, we need people that can be both the student and the teacher.

New Journalism is being defined bit by bit by people who take risks, try and fail, until they succeed. The News Videographer has a post dedicated to some of these “newsroom heros”, that are trying to share all of their acquired knowledge with their colleagues or whoever might be interested.

If you have any links or resources where anyone can learn a bit more about multimedia journalism, please, do share. All of us that want to know more and share the knowledge thank you in advance.

Another self-starter helping others

I’ve written before about newsroom heros that take it upon themselves to learn video, and then decide they’re going to help others in their newsroom get up to speed too. Lisa Fernandez organized a training brownbag. Ron Sylvester created “DIY training.”

Now, along those same lines, Stephen of the Anchorage Daily News has created a crash course video handout for the reporters and photographers in his newsroom who are starting to learn video.

Here’s a PDF of the handout from his site, Beyond Alaska Photo.

Does anyone else have stories to share about how you are helping others in your newsroom learn video?

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Flash Doc

Um documentário incrível sobre a vida nas ruas de Bucareste. Um excelente exemplo de jornalismo multimédia. Via Mark Graham.

A stunning documentary about life in Bucharest streets. An excellent example of multimedia Journalism. Via Mark Graham.

Ver | Watch

Bucharest Below Ground

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Reuters: 5 anos no Iraque | 5 years in Iraq

The work of Reuters journalists on the 5 years of the Iraq war, in a extraordinary piece. The most mediatic war is also the one that killed more journalists. Be advised, some of the images are very strong.
O trabalho dos jornalistas da Reuters nos 5 anos da guerra do Iraque, numa peça excepcional. A guerra mais mediática de sempre é também a que mais jornalistas matou. Aviso desde já que algumas das imagens são muito fortes.

Multimedia Shooter: De regresso | Back from the dead

Boas notícias para os seguidores do Multimedia Shooter: Richard Koci Hernandez anunciou o regresso do blog, depois de este ter sido atacado por hackers. Ele até sabe quem foram os artistas, e se me pedirem a opinião, eu direi que umas palmadas não lhes fariam mal. Esta também é uma oportunidade para pensarmos até que ponto estão os nossos blogs protegidos. De qualquer forma, benvindo de volta.

Good news for all the Multimedia Shooter followers out there: Richard Koci Hernandezannounced the blog’s comeback, after being attacked by hackers.

He even knows who did it, and if you ask me, i’d say a bit of slapping around wouldn’t be that bad. This is also a chance to think on how protected our blogs are.

Anyway, welcome back.

I really didn’t know how much the site meant to people. It’s one of the reasons I’m going to buy a case of Red Bull and spend the next week rebuilding. This has been a humbling experience. All I ever wanted to do was share and help if I could. I’m glad the blog did that for some of you.


Richard Koci Hernandez,Update on Multimediashooter


via Oh, yay,Notes from a teacher


Opções Multimédia | Multimedia Options

Como apresentar a nossa história? Deixem-me contar as maneiras. Mindy McAdams caracteriza os vários formatos disponíveis, para que possamos escolher os suportes mais adequados à nossa reportagem.


How to tell our story? Let me count the ways. Mindy McAdams described the different available formats, so we can choose the most suitable support for our news story.

Links : Cheat sheet for multimedia story decisions | Online Media Types



  • Seeing / hearing directly
  • Motion / action
  • Audio & video complementary; puts you there at the scene
  • Experiential
  • Present tense


  • Depth
  • Context / background / analysis
  • Low-tech — produce it anywhere, distribute anywhere
  • Literary
  • Links
  • Conversation
  • Fast & flexible
  • Cheap
  • Multi-platform “as is” — no conversions, no incompatibility


  • Stops time (viewer can study it)
  • Saleable (profits)
  • Fast to be absorbed
  • Sense of truth-telling
  • Can be complementary or stand-alone
  • Language-free (needs no translation)
  • Less expensive than other media (except text)


  • Theater of the mind
  • Hear it for yourself
  • Fast info about a speaker (personality, region, age; subtext)
  • Listen while multi-tasking
  • With or without narration (to add facts)
  • First-person
  • Verisimilitude

Audio slideshows

  • Layered still images and sound
  • Requires input from the user (McLuhanesque “cool media”)
  • Mood, emotions, feelings
  • Pulling two disparate things together (whole is greater than sum of parts)
  • Takes advantage of the still photo approach
  • Expands on traditional picture story


  • Interactive
  • Personalized information (news near you; facts that directly affect your life)
  • Verifies
  • Relational (this plus that)
  • Long shelf life
  • Reference (go back again)


  • Visualize complex information
  • Easy to digest
  • Comparisons
  • Spacial understanding
  • Chunk the info (into pieces, parts, or sequences)
  • See the unseeable (e.g., inside human anatomy)




Não se pode falhar um post chamado “Tudo o que sei aprendi na web!”. Eu percebo bem isso. O pessoal do Multimedia Shooter deu dois links para aprender video: Filmmaking Tutorials e uma série intitulada “The Shirtless Apprentice“. Divirtam-se.

You just can’t miss a post intitled “Everything i know i learned from the web!“.How i understand that… The guys at Multimedia Shooter left us a couple of links to learn video: Filmmaking Tutorials and a series called “The Shirtless Apprentice“. Have fun.



Competências técnicas para jornalistas online|Technical skills for online journalists


Eric Ulken criou uma tag cloud que corresponde às competências técnicas mais requeridas no mercado de trabalho actual para jornalistas.

Eric Ulken created a tag cloud with the technical skills required by journalists employers, in the actual job market.

Visto aqui | From here : Image of the day: technical skills required by journalism jobs


Livro | Book : Multimedia Journal

cover_mybook.jpg“Multimedia Journal will show you how to tap into your creativity by guiding you through a variety of activities that will prod your imagination so you can capture new ideas for multimedia storytelling. The exercises are intended to jump-start your creative energy. This book is for Multimedia Journalists.”

Square 7×7 inches (18×18 cm) 60 pages

Published: January 1, 2008

By Richard Koci Hernandez




Richard Koci Hernandez do Multimedia Shooter escreveu um pequeno guia para jornalistas multimedia, nascido das notas criadas para workshops. Segundo o autor, “o livro contém 50 exercícios e ideias para se pensar criativamente sobre fotografia, video, audio e multimedia em geral.” Podem espreitar as primeiras 15 páginas aqui.

Richard Koci Hernandez from Multimedia Shooter wrote a small guide for multimedia journalists, born out of the notes he created for his workshops. According to him, “the book is packed with over 50 creative exercises and ideas to get you thinking creativity about photography, video, audio and multimedia in general.” You can take a peek at the first 15 pages here.

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